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Retirement Management

Call: 1-714-617-4394

Ever wonder how much you need to save before you can retire? Or how about this? How do I protect what I’ve saved but spend as much as I can? Maybe you wonder what’s the most your savings can generate for you in guaranteed monthly income, or how taxes and inflation are going to affect your future lifestyle. The biggest question we hear at WFG West is “How much can I spend and still have money left for my kids to inherit?”


By working with a Wealth Financial Group West advisor you won’t have to live on guesses or wishful thinking anymore! Our Retirement Management Services team includes investment advisor representatives, chartered retirement planning specialists, asset managers, lawyers, CPAs, long term care, and Medical expense specialists, We work as an experienced team ensuring your investments, savings and income will meet your family’s needs and manage life’s unexpected expenses.


At the office of Wealth Financial Group West, we help you protect your hard earned life savings so you can live well in retirement and enjoy real wealth. We promise to provide fair and unbiased information to enable you to make smarter and more informed decisions about your finances. We really believe… it’s not about money—it’s about LIFE!


The content on this website should not be used as a basis for legal, tax and/or medical advice. Such services are provided by personnel not affiliated with Wealth Financial Group West, Inc. or Wealth Financial Advisory Services, LLC. Tami Simpson is not an attorney or certified public accountant (CPA). In any specific case, the parties involved should seek the guidance advice of their own legal and/or tax counsel.



Medical Costs

As specialists in the financial impact of retirement medical costs, we calculate the probable costs of retirement healthcare and help you to find effective ways to prepare for these inevitable expenses. This includes preparing for routine medical and prescription costs, home health care, nursing home care, Medicare and the Medicaid spend down.

Money Management

By using age-specific asset allocation strategies that balance all asset categories—certificates of deposit, money markets, fixed annuities, fixed index annuities, investment grade life insurance, real estate, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, precious metals and more, we create plans that “get real” about the future. Let us protect what you already have, grow it moderately and reduce your fees. Asset allocation is the single most important decision you will ever make in regard to your money. If you care about your future and the future of your family, start here!

Tax Planning

Taxes are going up! Taxes are going up! Reducing taxes while you’re alive and at death by using strategically planned pre-tax and post-tax investments and withdrawal strategies is crucial! We are seasoned experts in tax planning utilizing innovative strategies to minimize your taxes. We have years of experience in lump sum payouts, 401k, 403b, 457, IRA and Roth planning.

Income and Expenditure Planning

Your company is offering you a lump sum pay out or a lifetime paycheck. Which should you take? Should it be on your life, or you and your spouse? Plus, you’ve got an IRA, your wife has a Roth, then there’s that small pension from a company you worked for years ago and an inherited retirement account from your mother. Oh yes! Don’t forget social security! Should you take it at 62 years old or wait? Can you count on it? Should you withdraw from your tax deferred accounts or your already taxed accounts first? What’s the most you can spend without running out of money before you run out of life? Should you get a reverse mortgage? Buy a rental? Sell a rental? Our experienced advisors will create a comprehensive, clear, dependable monthly paycheck you can count on, all the while making sure you and your family never run out of money!

Questions about your retirement financial plan? Contact us online by clicking here or call 1-714-617-4394.