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Personal Wealth Index

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Measuring your life’s fulfillment comes down to a lot more than just the money in your bank account. We understand that there is much more to a successful lifestyle than just creating monetary safety for the sake of numbers. We believe that there are four real dimensions of real wealth that contribute to the real richness of your life: health & wellbeing, family & friends, money & finances, and meaning & purpose. By building upon these four pillars, you’ll truly find a new meaning of wealth in your life. Not to mention, you’ll be able to fully enjoy your retirement by securing and managing retirement funds in the areas that are truly essential to you!


The Personal Wealth Index is a way to show what’s important to you in numerical form. From this index, you’ll be able to further better plan that your money and finances are helping you support these important areas of your life through effective retirement plan management. As we say, it’s not about money – it’s about life!

  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Family and Friends
  • Money and Finances
  • Meaning and Purpose


Interested in learning which real wealth components are the most important to you? You can do so by calculating your own Personal Wealth Index by clicking here. You will be asked to enter your Advisor’s Code, so please make a note of our code to enter on the next page: SIM030.



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