Retirement Income Planning

The average retirement lasts 18 years. That’s a pretty long time, especially without generating a paycheck every month. For many, however, retirement can last far longer, sometimes 30 years or more. Imagine that – 30 years with no paycheck each month. Where will that money come from? How will you generate a paycheck you can’t outlive?

That’s what income planning for retirement is all about. We want to help you generate a stream of income you can rely upon and feel confident in.

For example, a retired couple with $100,000 per year in expenses and 20 years of projected retirement would need $2,000,000 in income generated to meet their expenses. Even with a 4% withdrawal rate, a rule of thumb used to help determine withdrawals from retirement accounts, you would need over $2.5 Million in assets to generate $100,000 a year – and that doesn’t even factor in the increases in living expenses due to inflation. If that number sounds scary to you and you’re not sure if you have enough, we can help!

Retirement Income Planning Details:

  • Assess your projected assets, income and expenses for retirement
  •  Maximize your cash flow in retirement through advanced income-generation strategies
  • Determine your ideal goals for the future and create a roadmap to accomplish them
  • Explore investment and income producing options and their pros and cons
  • Strive to maximize investment returns while minimizing taxes

Proper retirement income planning can help you feel more safe and secure, even if you live 30, 40 or 50 years in retirement. Wouldn’t that feel great to know you’re ready and prepared? We’re here to help.

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