Year-Round Tax Efficiency Planning

Some people think they only need to worry about their taxes each April. However, when it comes to your finances, it’s not about what return you gain or how much money you make. Instead, what you keep after taxes is one of the most important considerations.

Tax planning can impact nearly every aspect of your investments and overall financial plan. By focusing on being tax-smart, you can implement new strategies and ideas throughout your investments. For example, tax-smart planning would help determine what investment holdings should be in your portfolio. It also means you may want to explore advanced strategies, such as Roth Conversions and tax-free Life Insurance Retirement Strategies.

When you make the right decisions by being tax smart, you can potentially save thousands of dollars in tax payments every year.

Tax-Smart Efficiency Planning Details:

  • Minimize the overall impact of taxes on your investments
  • Harvest capital losses when able
  • Advanced strategies to reduce your overall tax liability
  • Defer tax on dividend and interest income when possible
  • Reduce capital gains, increasing your net investment returns

It’s always a good time to be thinking about tax-smart investments and financial planning.

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